Performance Rankings Released


The latest rankings for Minnesota schools are out today.  These rankings show how students are performing academically, as well as ranking the state’s public schools on several measures. It’s the new Multiple Measurement Ratings, or MMR, an alternative to No Student Left Behind.


The rankings will also place schools in one of the following categories.

  • Priority Schools: The poorest preforming schools
  • Focus Schools: Large achievement gap between white students and students of color.
  • Continuous Improvement Schools: Making improvements, but students aren’t yet proficient
  • Celebration Eligible and Reward Schools: Highest performers

For more on the ratings, click here.

Friday Fact

At only 9%, turnout in Minnesota’s Primary Election was the 2nd lowest in over 60 years.  You can view the unofficial Primary results here. Minnesota’s Primary used to be held in September, but was moved in order to comply with new federal guidelines that necessitated greater time between the Primary and General for overseas voters to receive and return their ballots.

Changes coming to school lunch

As the school year approaches school administrations are preparing to provide healthier lunch options for students.  Parts of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act will be implemented  throughout Minnesota schools this year.  Minnesota Public Radio tells us what changes students will see in the lunch room.  Click here for the story.

Minnesota’s Latest Test Scores

Minnesota has released the latest test scores and many experts are calling them less than stellar.  Scores show reading levels remain flat and they show a wide gap between white students and students of color.


Reading and Math proficiency of Minnesota students – 2012 assessment results

• American Indian: Math 38.5%, reading 55.9%
• Asian: Math 59.4%, reading67.3%
• Black: Math 32.6%, reading 52.7%
• Hispanic: Math 38.2%, reading 53.9%
• White: Math 68.4%, Reading 81.9%

For more on the story and links to audio clips head to Minnesota Public Radio.