Generation Next: research-based strategies to close racial and economic achievement gaps

Did you know: In the Twin Cities, just 52% of students of color graduate from high school on time. (Minnesota Compass, 2010 data)

logo1A new partnership has formed in the Twin Cities dedicated to narrow the educational achievement gap. Generation Next takes a cohesive, all-in approach to address our educational and community crisis. The partnership brings education, community, government and business leaders together to identify and adopt successful programs that are proven to work.

Together, Generation Next leaders will use a cradle-to-career framework to help students achieve five key goals, or success benchmarks. These goals are research-based competencies and key transition points that are necessary for students’ developmental progress. To ensure effective programs and consistent measures of achievement, networks of providers will focus on specific topics within the five key goals. Using data-based decision-making, we will identify a clear way forward, finding and implementing the most effective educational solutions and programs.

Take a look at the Star Tribune article about partnership.

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