Summer Melt: Not making it to college

summer meltThe summer melt is underway. No, not melting from heat, but melting away from the chance to pursue a post-secondary education.  Despite being college eligible, and in some cases even enrolled, about 10 to 20 percent of college eligible students melt away during summer break; most from low income households. That means when they could continue their education…they don’t.

Why the melt? A key factor is the lack the necessary resources and support pursuing college.  Not just financial support, but the support from individuals that know the system; what paperwork to fill out, when deadlines happen, how to apply for assistance.  All of which can be overwhelming to potential first generation college students.

The Junior League of Minneapolis is currently piloting a program ‘Write to Thrive’.  This program will work with students during their senior year of high school after they have finished the Step-Up summer jobs program.  While ‘Write to Thrive’ is still in development, we hope some of the activities planned will help prepare students for their next educational endeavor.

To learn more about the summer melt and what some school districts are doing to help , check out this NRP article.

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