Minneapolis Election Guide: Ranked Choice Voting

As Minneapolis draws closer to the mayoral election on November 5th, the JLM Advocacy blog will run a series of posts which highlight the election including, candidate discussions of the Achievement Gap and other pertinent education issues.  The first post will highlight Ranked Choice Voting (RCV); a method of voting that allows voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference.

Why Ranked Choice Voting?

RCV was passed by the voters of Minneapolis as an amendment to the City Charter in 2006 and was first used in the city in 2009. RCV combines the primary and the general election into one event.

What Offices are Elected through RCV? 

Ranked Choice Voting is used for Minneapolis municipal offices: Mayor, City Council, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Park and Recreation Board (both At- Large and by District). Ranked Choice Voting is NOT used in elections for the school board, county, state, or federal offices.

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