A Place at the Table: Discussion about food insecurity.

The Junior League of Minneapolis hosted a viewing of the documentary A Place at the Table and panel discussion about food insecurity in the Twin Cities. Here is a video of the panel discussion. (Note, you may need to turn up the volume)

Moderated by Jane Hopkins Gould, CFO Second Harvest Hartland

Jon Emerson Kramer, Second Harvest Hartland
Stephanie Hogenson, Children’s Defense Fund
Amy Maheswaran Lopez, Greater Twin Cities United Way
LaDonna Redmond, Campaign for Food Justice Now

How Food Insecurity contributes to the Achievement Gap.

  • Food insecurity adversely impacts one-fifth of all US households with children, according to the USDA. Which means they sometimes don’t get enough to eat. Whole meals may be missed. Many of these people are children who are often dazed and unfocused at school because of hunger.
  • Food insecurity – described as deliberately eating less and disrupting normal meal patterns due to inadequate resources.
  • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Support) helps families purchase nutritious food each month so that their children experience healthy growth and development and do not go hungry.
  • Families with children are the fastest growing group receiving SNAP in Minnesota.
  • 22% of children in the Twin Cities Metro are part of the SNAP program.
  • 37% of children in the Twin Cities metro receive free or reduced-priced lunch.

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