Report Finds That Schools Deny Lunch When Students Can’t Pay

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid conducted a survey of 309 public Minnesota school districts and found that 46 school districts (15%) reported “…a policy or practice of an immediate or eventual refusal to serve hot lunch or an alternative meal to a child who cannot pay.”

The report also found that:

  • 165 districts offer a less nutritious meal option if a student cannot pay for the hot meal option
  • 98 districts never refuse to serve a student the hot meal option even if they cannot pay

In response to the study, Governor Mark Dayton announced that he will pursue $3.5 million in additional funding, during the 2014 legislative session, to expand free lunch services to all reduced-price students in Minnesota

3 thoughts on “Report Finds That Schools Deny Lunch When Students Can’t Pay

  1. This makes my blood boil! Kids need fuel to do their best work and those schools that throw the food away rather than give it to a child should be shut down. Makes you wonder where our priorities have gone…


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