Minneapolis School Board Adopts Plan to Eliminate Achievement Gap

Last Tuesday night, the Minneapolis School Board approved an aggressive plan, named Acceleration 2020, to eliminate the achievement gap in the Minneapolis School District.  The Board consulted a variety of stakeholders including community partners, parents and department leaders and staff in order to achieve buy-in and to ensure the plan is successfully implemented across the district.

The plan contains 47 measure that the Board will monitor over the next six years which will address the following areas of focus:

  • Improved Student Outcomes
  • Equity
  • Family & Community Partnership
  • Effective Teachers, School Leaders & Staff
  • Stewardship
  • Resources for Students & Schools

All measures support the district’s ultimate goal: to close the 50% gap in math and reading proficiency rates between white and students of color by 2020.

Acceleration 2020 Information

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