2015 Legislative Topic :: Pre-K Funding

Last Fall Minnesota funded full day Kindergarten under a $15.7 billion education bill. This 2015 legislative session, another educational topic is up for debate: free pre-school education for every 4-year-old.  Here’s why:

  • Studies show attending pre-school makes a dramatic difference later in life because students who begin learning before kindergarten are better prepared for the rest of their education careers.
  • In Minnesota, an estimated 15,000 of roughly 30,000 kindergarteners per year aren’t ready for kindergarten.
  • NPR recently aired a segment, Opening economic doors with early childhood education, which outlines the impact of basic kindergarten readiness on long-term personal success and the economic impact.

Governor Mark Dayton stressed the importance of early childhood education during the 2014 legislative session and wants to take action in 2015 by provide funding to pre-school programs.

As a parent of a young child, this is an issue that affects me personally and one that I will advocate with friends and co-workers. Join me and other JLM members at Coffee and Conversation on March 21st and interact with Minnesota State Senator Terri Bonoff to learn more about the issue. Register online for this event, today!

Post contributed by Merris Greiber.

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