About JLM

Since 1923, the Junior League of Minneapolis has assessed the needs of the Greater Minneapolis area and incubated and launched impactful community programming to meet those needs.  In the fall of 2011 the JLM membership voted to focus our community efforts on strategies to close the achievement gap.

Advocacy in the The Junior League of Minneapolis (JLM) is a newly defined committee and is in the early stages of defining what Advocacy means as it relates to the JLM.  The Advocacy committee feels that the JLM Membership must be able to Advocate on behalf of the JLM, it’s projects, fundraisers and be able to speak to why membership in this organization is of value.

 Advocacy is defined by Merriam-webster as;   the act or process of advocating or supporting a cause or proposal.  As taken from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary.

Though the Junior League of Minneapolis does not wish to become political in its advocacy efforts, it does wish to be able to educate the greater community on what the JLM is doing to impact the barriers to learning in the Minneapolis area as it relates to the achievement gap.  The JLM wants to be present, alongside its Community partners in advocating on behalf of those families most affected in our community who may not currently have access to quality educational programming. The JLM wants to advocate that its approach is to work with students, families and the community outside the classroom to provide support and services in defined areas of need; nutrition and food insecurity, STEM,  and college access and persistence.

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