How Else can I track Legislation?

Here are some resources for tracking legislation.

National Conference of State Legislatures


Education Week

National Education Association

JLM Advocacy: Providing education to inspiring members to action

Encounters with Advocacy – Part 3

This year the JLM Advocacy committee is presenting filmed and written Encounters with Advocacy.  It is our group’s mission to educate our member’s about what advocacy is, show how to be an advocate, and communicate how advocacy directly ties to the education gap.

In this series–Advocacy Encounters Politics–we are focusing in on what it means to be an advocate and spotlighting community leaders within that role who are participating in the upcoming election.  In weeks leading up to the election, our series will include posts from all candidates running for US House of Representatives District 2, MN Congress District 3, MN State Senate District 59. We have responses from three women currently running for office in Minnesota–Jennifer Carnahan, Paula Overby, and Terri Bonoff.  

Note that the JLM is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse any candidate or political party. All candidates and their opponents were given the chance to do a video interview.  

Part three: Terri Bonoff


JLM Advocacy: Providing education to inspire members to meaningful action


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