Governor’s Budget Proposal

Last week we shared insight into one of Minnesota legislature’s top priorities :: Early-Childhood funding.  More information continues to emerge and Governor Dayton is clear on making this happen.  He is investing in Minnesota student’s and proposing half of his budget to go directly to schools.

The budget includes a plan for free pre-kindergarten starting in 2017. The governor’s pre-kindergarten proposal represents just one of several early childhood priorities that he has put forth to serve children in their earliest years, including child care through Basic Sliding Fee and Head Start. The Governor’s proposal uses a multi-pronged approach aimed at helping Minnesota children to start off in stable environments and serving the diverse needs of Minnesota’s families.

The budget also addresses higher education funding; seeking to improve the Minnesota State Grant financial aid program, and a two year continuance of the tuition freeze at the University of Minnesota.

See the following link for further information on the governor’s proposed budget:

Post contributed by Amy Borden.

The Governor’s Budget and Education in Minnesota

Governor Dayton released his new state budget where all levels of education from preschool to higher ed would receive increased funding.  Dayton said his budget proposal would help Minnesota students get a good start by first boosting the state’s pre-K programs.  He has set aside $92 million in support for early learning alone.

Check out what educators have to say about his proposed budget and get more details here.